10th Anniversary!

Dear community,

As most of you probably know, tomorrow will be a big day for all of us. Our first 10th anniversary event will begin and there is a lot for all of you to expect. We were even able to fit in more goodies for you, that were not announced in the previous 10th TwinStar Anniversary news-post.

As we have announced in the previous newspost (10th Anniversary celebrations are here!), our first event will last for 7 days. What we have not announced though was the exact time it will begin. Now we have everything ready and we can share this important information with you

 The first 10th TwinStar Anniversary event will start tomorrow at 6:00 am CET!

What you can expect to see in the morning?

  • double experience for characters of level 1-80 on our Cataclysm realms
  • FREE faction change from Horde to Alliance ( registration for this will be available on Sunday and a news post with details will be posted)
  • Experience gained in battlegrounds on both Hades and Artemis will be increased PERMANENTLY
  • The damage reduction currently active in heroic Throne of the Four Winds, Bastion of Twilight and Blackwing Descent on Hades will be reduced by another 2,5%

Now you may ask where is the bonus we have mentioned at the beginning of this news?

We have completely rewritten Sunwell Plateau instance and it will be live during the mornings server update, so you can have even more fun than before in this instance.

And that’s not all. We are also making solid progress with the long awaited fixes for the Twilight Highlands location and core developers are working on a rewriting the LFG and Custom Lag Tolerance system.

What we do expect from you?

Bring as many friends as possible and have a lot of fun!

See you tomorrow

Your Hades team