Changelog 02.04.2018 – 04.05.2018 (110 fixes)


Spells (41)
Death Knight
Vampiric Blood will correctly apply Vampiric Brood to nearby party/raid members



Fixed set bonus, Rime and Sudden Death now have a chance to grant two stacks instead of one



Runic Mastery aura now has a chance to proc if Runic Empowerment or Runic Corruption triggers



Warriors are now immune to Cyclone while Bladestorming



Fixed set bonus



Fixed set bonus



Natural Harmony aura will no longer proc from spells other than Innervate



Fixed set bonus, Rejuvenation and Regrowth now have a 10% chance to double their duration



Fixed set bonus, Steady Shot and Cobra Shot now grant double the amount of focus



Chronohunter aura will only proc from Arcane Shot, added internal cooldown



It is now possible to use Kill Command while the pet is rooted, if in melee range of the target



It is no longer possible to cast Master’s Call if the pet is CC’d (the only exceptions are movement impairing effects and roots)



Hunter’s pet can no longer cast Master’s Call on itself



Stolen Time aura will be correctly removed if Arcane Power, Combustion or Icy Veins expires



If the Mage has both Glyph of the Monkey and Glyph of the Penguin active, Polymorph will choose a random model from these two



Saint’s Vigor aura will no longer proc from spells other than Divine Favor



Zealotry will correctly apply Zeal of the Crusader aura



Temporal Boon aura will have shorter duration if the Priest knows Power Infusion



Fixed set bonus, Power Word: Shield now has a chance to double its absorb amount and Rapture will grant 100% more mana



Set bonus now correctly reduces the damage Priest takes from Shadow Word: Death if his target doesn’t die



Shadowy Apparition and Shadowfiend now grants 3 stacks of Shadow Orbs when they deal damage



Set bonus fixed, energy reduction will correctly apply on the spell’s base cost



Temporal Maelstrom now correctly procs when Maelstrom Weapon aura is active



Feral Spirits now have chance to proc Maelstrom Weapon



Fury of the Ancestors now correctly procs only from Elemental Mastery



Time Rupture now correctly procs from Elemental Overload



Spiritual Stimulus now correctly procs only from Mana Tide Totem



Timewalker aura now procs while Spiritwalker’s Grace is active



T13 2P Bonus will correctly increase duration of Doomguard and Infernal



T13 4P Bonus will correctly grant Temporal Ruin aura and Soul Fire will return a Soul Shard, if cast with Soulburn



Fixed set bonus, Heroic Strike now costs 20 rage while Inner Rage is active



Bloodthirst and Mortal Strike now have chance to proc Colossus Smash



Shield Fortress aura will refresh if another Warrior uses his Shield Wall with this set bonus



Shield Wall will correctly apply Shield Fortress to nearby party/raid members



Warrior no longer continues to counterattack while Hexxed



Retaliation’s counterattacks are using the correct spell entry now (this fixes some other bugs, e.g. Sweeping Strikes will now copy Retaliation’s damage, etc.)



Sweeping Strikes no longer copy non-Warrior spells (trinkets, procs, etc.)



Sweeping Strikes will use correct spell entries to do damage, based on which spell procced it



Reverted an old change which made Sweeping Strikes ignore resilience (reason: not enough proof for Cataclysm)



Anger Management will only give Rage while in combat



The Quick and the Dead guild perk will be correctly removed upon leaving guild
Dungeons (7)
#9586 The Stockade Nurse Lillian – added missing event at the start
#9586 The Stockade Added missing event with Warden Thelwater at the start
#9586 The Stockade Added missing wps/emotes/random movement for trash npcs
#9586 The Stockade Reworked all spawns for trash and bosses
#9586 The Stockade Hogger – added event with Warden Thelwater after his death
#9586 The Stockade Randolph Moloch – added event with Mortimer Moloch after his death
#8767 Ulduar Fix achievement Nine Lives
General (4)
#18093 Global – Creature / NPC NPCs and pets will continue to generate path to their target even in melee range, if their target is not in LoS
#18093 Global – Creature / NPC Spells which generate movement (Fear, etc.) will now force NPCs to interrupt their current movement and start the spell’s movement right away
#18093 Global – Creature / NPC Stuns will no longer sometimes force NPCs to evade, while too far away from their spawn point
Retaliation, Shield Wall, Recklessness It is no longer possible to cast two, or all three of those spells at once
Quests (40)
Classes – Death Knight
#3558 Fixed chaining
Classes – Paladin
#18661 Added race requirement – tauren
#19111 Quest removed from the game
Dungeons – Blackrock Depths
#18662 Added race requirement – tauren
Dungeons – Dire Maul
#9837 Added missing quest ender
Dungeons – Drak\’Tharon Keep
#19154 Reworked event with Drakuru
Dungeons – Stratholme
#13597 Reduced quest object respawn time
Eastern Kingdoms – Arathi Highlands
#2159 Quest reworked
Eastern Kingdoms – Burning Steppes
#2755 Quest reworked
Eastern Kingdoms – Elwynn Forest
#2273 Quest reworked
Eastern Kingdoms – Stormwind City
#11004 Scripted RP event after quest turn-in
#11004 Added over 50 gameobject positions in the Stormwind City, they will not be visible for players without the quest
Eastern Kingdoms – Western Plaguelands
#4759 Fixed chaining
Kalimdor – Azshara
#18592 Fix spawn and phase for NPC Assistant Greely
Kalimdor – Darkshore
#2650 Added POI
#2646 Quest reworked
Kalimdor – Dustwallow Marsh
#7275 Added missing visuals
Kalimdor – Feralas
#19440 Fixed chaining
Kalimdor – Mulgore
#13122 Quest reworked
Kalimdor – Orgrimmar
#11168 Scripted RP event after quest turn-in
#11168 Added over 50 gameobject positions in Orgrimmar, they will not be visible for players without the quest
Kalimdor – Thousand Needles
#14700 Animals will have spellclick only during quest
Added missing event with Elder Stormhoof
Added missing event with Arikara
Added missing event with Arikara
Added missing event with Arikara
Kalimdor – Winterspring
#4178 Quest can be completed in quest log
#4152 Quest removed from the game
Northrend – Borean Tundra
#11722 Quest reworked
#12114 Added missing visuals
#19059 Added option to ride Dusk
#8587 Quest reworked
#4373 Quest reworked
Northrend – Dragonblight
#6097 Quest reworked
Northrend – Grizzly Hills
#5685 Quest reworked
Northrend – Sholazar Basin
#8889 Quest reworked
Northrend – The Storm Peaks
#4384 Quest reworked
#5478 Quest reworked
#16624 Added two more event positions
Outland – Netherstorm
#19194 Abjurist Belmara will be neutral if her quest is rewarded
Achievements (1)
#16926 Achievement now works correctly
NPCs (12)
#17723 Fixed Tae’thelan’s hover
Borean Tundra
#19289 Loot Crazed Poachers will no longer spam their aggro lines
#7072 Added WPs + gossip
#3455 Added missing event
#18384 NPC added to the game
Grizzly Hills
#5609 Fixed NPC’s behaviour
Shattrath City
#17280 Scripted all Griftah’s RP events
Stormwind City
#17267 Added WP path
The Storm Peaks
#14186 Waypoints added
#3838 Waypoints added
Thousand Needles
#7375 Added abilities
Unknown Location
#15981 Airship Bomb will no longer fall to the ground from its transport
Items (5)



Added a string visual to Alliance Balloon



Fixed legendary daggers’ set bonus and damage increase to Sinister Strike and Revealing Strike



Added a string visual to Horde Balloon



Added internal cooldowns and made all auras stackable for all three staves



Fixed multiple bugs of Speaking of Rage proc aura