Faction Imbalance

Dear Hades community,

as many of you know, our project faces a major faction imbalance issue. Because of this, we have decided to merge auction houses, until in-game auctions are in a better state. Alliance players are having great difficulty acquiring certain materials and merging auction houses will benefit both factions. Unlike previous events, auction houses will use the standard fee system. With this change all of your in-game auctions will be canceled and returned to you via mail. The change will active from Monday’s server update.

This faction imbalance cannot be solved solely by our actions; we need the help of you, our players. We will soon offer you the option to transfer your entire guild from Horde to Alliance, free of charge of course. Several guilds have already expressed serious interest in changing their faction, so you don’t have to worry that only your guild will transfer. If you are a Guild Master and you think your guild might be interested in this offer, please contact Administrator Ragodar for more details and arrangement.

Hades Team