Faction imbalance update

Dear Hades community,

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since we have asked for your help with reducing the severity of the faction imbalance on Hades. Many of you changed your faction from the Horde to the Alliance. To be more precise, to this day we have transferred 3 guilds (and 1 more guild is thinking about it) and 232 characters! Because of this, combined with the fact that we have allowed Alliance characters to level with doubled experience gain, the imbalance is nearly non-existent! The Horde still has some slight advantage. Currently, our ratio is around 55:45 in favour of the Horde at peak times. We want to thank everyone who is helping our realm with restoring the faction balance!

Do not worry, we are not decreasing the experience gain yet. Once the faction balance will be restored and stable, we will announce our next steps. Free faction transfers from the Horde to the Alliance are still available too, so if you want to help our project, play with friends who belong to the other faction or you simply want some change, feel free to open a ticket and ask our GM team to transfer your character.

So once again, a big thank you for being the awesome community you are. This would not be possible without your helpfullness.

Hades Team