Faction balance and what follows

Dear Hades community,

It’s no secret that we’re carefully watching the faction balance. We’re sure many of you are as well. Lately, the factions are almost always balanced, or even in favor of the Alliance! This is a significant improvement over how it was when we started trying to balance the factions.

Because of that, we have decided that the faction imbalance problem is no longer an issue. Starting from the 25th of August, we will no longer offer free faction transfers from the Horde to Alliance. Until then (prior to the 24th of August at 23:59 server time), anyone who opens a ticket about this free faction change will still have the opportunity to switch to Alliance.

And as for the increased experience rate, which many of you might be concerned about, fear not. As our appreciation for helping us fix the faction imbalance problem, we will be increasing experience gains to twice the standard rate for both Alliance AND Horde players. Indefinitely. This accelerated rate will work up to level 80. And if you wish to enjoy leveling at the standard rate, you can still do so using the “.mod xp 1” command. As before, this command needs to be used every time your character logs into the game.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of our project.

Hades Team