What trials changed

Dear community,

first we would like to welcome all new players who joined our realm using the trial offer. We hope that you’ve found a place where you would like to spend your free time with friends and helpful strangers, battling whatever the Cataclysm has in store for you.

It’s been more than a week since we started the celebration of Hades’s birthday. We want to bring more light into what changed since this event started.

The overall activity in the game world has really improved with hundreds of new characters actively trying to ensure that they will meet the requirements needed to keep their characters even after the end of the trial offer. You can see this by yourselves mostly on the PvP scene, where the activity of Battlegrounds and arenas increased nearly threefold compared to what we had before the event started. Our 3v3 tournament has also been affected by this population and activity rise. We expect to see these numbers increase even more. The party has just started.

There are some players who met those requirements already.

If you still haven’t tried out our international Cataclysm project, feel free to read about the trial offer here.

There are more news to come. Stay tuned.

Hades team