Maintenance and server update

Dear community,

tomorrow it will be 30 days since the first of you took the opportunity of the Trial offer we had as a celebration of Hades’ first anniversary.

With tomorrow’s update, Hades will have some downtime due to a maintenance, during which we will update statistics of all characters. The maintenance will start around 10 AM server time.

After the server update, the anniversary event and Flexible Raid Locks will go live and the requirement check for Trials will stop firing warning shots. If your character is older than 30 days and didn’t meet those requirements, it will get permanently banned after you will login to the game. At 19th of December, all trial characters will be evaluated. Those characters who didn’t meet requirements will be deleted permanently.

Every trial will also have the 1 character per realm limitation removed.

If you think that you met those requirements but your character still got banned, send an email to ragodar(at)twinstar(dot)cz and we will verify, if there hasn’t been some error, within 14 days.

Trial accounts will remain unable to participate in Character Auction House in our Account Manager even if they met at least 3 requirements as was announced in the first place.

Thank you for understanding.

Hades team