Complaints system

Dear community.

After tomorrow’s update Complaints system will be active on Hades.

What does it mean?
Previously, when you reported a player for vulgar language, name (be it a player name, arena team name or guild’s name), spam or cheating via the in game function, nothing happened. After said update, Hades GM team will be notified once you report someone for mentioned offenses and deal with the situation.

This feature is only meant to make reporting easier and to avoid situations with people claiming they reported someone multiple times when we in fact didn’t receive a single report. The existing ways of reporting players are still functioning and supported – you can use forum Blacklist or Discord #player-reports. We always require proof of the offense if we have to take action.

Only two in game reporting features remainĀ unfunctional – Submit a bug and Submit a suggestion. We have no plans to implement these features because there is no meaningful way to integrate these functions into already existing platforms – forum and Bug Tracker.

Hades team