Changelog 02.01.2019 – 07.02.2019 (76 fixes)

Dev Requests (1)
#20181 Weapon Swap GCD Global cooldown triggered by swaping weapons in combat will no longer prevent weapon swap
Spells (10)
#7346 Pets with active Prowl are able to keep up with their master now, Prowl’s movement speed reduction no longer affects Follow movement speed
#15751 Fixed an exploit with Shadow Priest T12 4p set bonus
#3596 Vanish and Stealth won’t cancel Shadow Dance
#6094 Tremor Totem will no longer trigger Spiritual Stimulus
#9657 Protection Warrior’s Vengeance will no longer make Enraged Regeneration usable
#9657 Death Wish / Berserker Rage won’t be usable and Enrage auras will no longer proc while Enraged Regeneration is active
#18467 Enraged Regeneration will heal for correct amount even if the resulting amount isn’t whole number (previously, if you had 30% mastery, ER should heal you for 3.9% of total HP every second, but it only healed for 3%, and so on)
#15686 Skinning will now return correct error message if the targeted creature isn’t looted
#15686 Skinning will always return correct error message if the targeted creature isn’t skinnable
#15686 Fixed issue which sometimes didn’t allow to skin a beast
Dungeons (12)
#6713 Hellfire Ramparts Watchkeeper Gargolmar reworked
#6713 Hellfire Ramparts Omor the Unscarred reworked
#6713 Hellfire Ramparts Trash rework – spawns, wps, visuals
#15542 Sunken Temple Atal’ai Deathwalker’s Spirit’s movement speed is now slower
#15542 Sunken Temple Atal’ai Deathwalker’s Spirits are now immune to physical and magical damage
#15542 Sunken Temple Earthgrab Totem from Jammal’an the Prophet is unable to move
#8114 The Blood Furnace Trash rework – spawns, wps, visuals
#8114 The Blood Furnace Keli’dan the Breaker – rework
#8114 The Blood Furnace Broggok – rework
#8114 The Blood Furnace The Maker – rework
#8080 Wailing Caverns When players die during the final boss encounter, they are now able to try it again
#8080 Wailing Caverns Reworked event with Muyoh and Naralex
Mechanics (6)
#1385 DoT/HoT Mechanics Implemented DoT clipping for channeled spells
#20131 Fractional reputation gain Reputations are stored as float number now, this means that players will not lose any reputation if the reputation they gain is not a whole number (for example after multiplying by Mr. Popularity guild perk)
Movement Implemented Move Back mechanic
Movement Implemented Fanning
Movement Improvements to Follow Movement mechanic
Movement Improvements to Chase Movement mechanic
General (16)
Auras Many auras were changed from multiplicative to additive, resulting in slightly decreased damage/healing of some spells
Critical Strike Many spells, such as Mend Pet or Watery Entrenchment (Hagara the Stormbinder) can’t crit now
DoT interaction with immunities DoTs which are not removed by damage immunities (Divine Shield, etc.) will continue to do damage even through immunities
#10907 Global – Pets / Guardians Death Knight’s Ghoul will change his name each time he’s summoned
#10907 Global – Pets / Guardians Using a script to abandon pets will no longer force Warlock’s pets to change name
#10907 Global – Pets / Guardians Improved follow movement of all pets and guardians, they will no longer fall behind their master while moving
#3038 HASTE Haste now doesn’t round numbers down
#20115 Mail Specialization Hunter All armor specializations will no longer work before the player learns them
#11043 Mastery Mastery now doesn’t round numbers down
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot World Markers won’t disappear after the player who placed them leaves the map
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot Master Loot – Every group member is able to see dropped loot now, but only Master Looter will be able to assign loot
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot When a Master Looter leaves a group, that role is assigned to a Raid Leader
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot Main Tank role can be set to multiple players at the same time
#20124 T11 HC Tokeny, Vendor BUG The heroic version of Firelord’s Gloves can be now obtained for the correct token
Threat Actions against all creatures with temporary stun after spawn will properly generate threat (this fixes for example Kohcrom, Mutated Corruption, etc.)
#8182 Transmogrification Fear and Vengenance (daggers from legendary chain) can now be transmogrified
Quests (8)
Classes – Death Knight
#3113 Players are able to correctly see Havenshire Mares
Eastern Kingdoms – Duskwood
#2422 Quest reworked
#1177 Quest reworked
Northrend – Icecrown
#12617 Adjusted respawn time of quest NPCs
#12617 Val’kyr Arbiter can’t be attacked
Outland – Hellfire Peninsula
#6745 Spirit wolf now properly leads players, instead of acting as a pet
#8170 Added missing visuals
#6932 Quest reworked
Achievements (1)
#10178 Fixed issue when players were unable to obtain the achievement
NPCs (19)
Dragon Soul
#19819 Added missing Hagara Lightning Axes / Hagara Frost Axes auras when the respective weapons are equipped
#19819 Lightning Conduit auras will always be properly removed after Lightning Storm phase ends
#19819 Crystalline Tether auras will always be properly removed from Hagara after Frozen Tempest phase ends
#19819 Watery Entrenchment can no longer be removed by spells such as Divine Shield, Ice Block, etc.
#19824 Corruption – Fiery Grip will prioritize players without tank specialization
#19823 Globules should no longer get stuck close to Yor’sahj and not get absorbed
#14191 Beth’tilac and Cinderweb Drones will no longer move unpredictably
#14195 Liquid Obsidians will no longer be faster than intended
#14195 Active volcanoes shouldn’t despawn after certain time
Swamp of Sorrows
#20126 Adjusted idle behavior of NPCs
Thousand Needles
#7383 NPC will not use Bladestorm right at the start of combat
#20121 Adjusted despawn time, waypoints and added gong sound
#20120 Ruuzlu is now attacking players
Unknown Location
#14197 Sons of Flame should no longer move to the hammer faster than intended
#14193 Riplimb will no longer get stuck while following Shannox
#19826 Mutated Corruption – Fixed Crush targeting
#19826 Corrected Regenerative Blood’s HP on all difficulties (they should have slightly lower HP now)
#19826 Fixed Spellweave’s internal cooldown, Spellweave should behave exactly like it did on retail now
#19826 Life-Binder’s Handmaiden will always drop once on 10-man heroic and twice on 25-man heroic difficulties
Items (3)
#20166 Added to loot from Dragon Soul trash mobs
#17802 Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps will proc in arenas and rated battlegrounds now
#20165 Added to loot from Dragon Soul trash mobs