Changelog 07.02.2019 – 13.04.2019 (93 fixes)

Spells (23)
Death Knight
#921 Blood of the North will always correctly transform all Blood Runes into Death Runes
#3841 Dispelling Frost Fever will also remove Chilblains
#3766 Implemented periodic check for depleted Unholy Runes, Death’s Advance will no longer remain active longer than intended after using Empower Rune Weapon
#6381 It is no longer possible to cancel Eclipse (Lunar) and Eclipse (Solar) auras
#7761 Relogging in Moonkin Form will no longer result in losing 10% spell damage bonus
#7761 Using a macro /cast !Moonkin Form will properly remove snares now
#7437 Non-instant Nature spells no longer consume both Clearcasting and Predator’s Swiftness at once (Predator’s Swiftness is prioritized now)
#7437 Clearcasting is no longer consumed by Wrath while having Fury of Stormrage (Rank 2) talent
#7437 Omen of Clarity no longer has a chance to trigger from auto-attacks if the Druid doesn’t have Feral Combat specialization active
#12994 Non-instant Nature spells no longer consume both Predator’s Swiftness and Nature’s Swiftness at once (Predator’s Swiftness is prioritized now)
#7512 Penance will always apply Grace even if its target moves out of line of sight
#17624 Combat log will correctly show aura apply for each stack of Shadow Orbs procced from this set bonus
#7388 Fixed a bug which caused Penance to sometimes lose its third tick (keep in mind that pushback will still cause you to lose Penance ticks)
#353 Shadowfiend is set to Assist Stance by default now
#10460 Hex will properly dismount its target
#6752 Healing Wave/Greater Healing Wave no longer consume both Nature’s Swiftness and Tidal Waves at once (Nature’s Swiftness is prioritized now)
#13856 Warlock’s Death Coil can’t crit now
#3453 Duel flags will not remain permanently stuck on transports after teleporting
#3453 Increased duel range to 75yd
#3453 Players won’t be able to request a duel while invisible
#3453 Players won’t be able to request a duel while stealthed
#3453 Unholy Frenzy and Shadow Word: Death auras will be removed when a duel ends
#3453 Self-damage spells (such as Hellfire, Unholy Frenzy, etc.) will now correctly end a duel without killing the caster
Dungeons (37)
#9084 Black Temple Shade of Akama – encounter should no longer get stuck
#10156 Blackrock Caverns Adjustements to Corla’s Evolution ability
#10691 Dire Maul King Gordok – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Captain Kromcrush – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Guard Slip’kik – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Guard Fengus – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Stomper Kreeg – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Guard Mol’dar – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Trash rework – added missing spawns, waypoints, formations
#10691 Dire Maul Event with Ironbark The Redeemed implemented
#10691 Dire Maul Added missing game objects
#10691 Dire Maul Now you have to destroy all 5 generators to get access to Immol’thar
#10691 Dire Maul Pusillin – event rework
#13209 Shadowfang Keep Trash – Haunting Spirits now properly summons spirits
#7713 The Deadmines Helix Gearbreaker – bombs now show the animation of exploding only once
#7713 The Deadmines Prototype Reaper now properly shows his energy
#10157 The Stonecore Corborus – fixed bug preventing Thrashing Charge to knock back players
#13668 The Underbog The Black Stalker – rework
#13668 The Underbog Swamplord Musel’ek – rework
#13668 The Underbog Ghaz’an – rework
#13668 The Underbog Hungarfen – rework
#8544 Trial of the Crusader Anub’arak – fixed bug with wipe in submerged phase which made the boss untargetable
#8544 Trial of the Crusader Anub’arak – adjusted speed of spikes
#8544 Trial of the Crusader Anub’arak – Traitor King achievement will now work on every difficulty
#8544 Trial of the Crusader Lord Jarraxus – fixed portal spawning and Legion Flame correction
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub High Priestess Kilnara – Pride of Bethekk now properly uses Gaping Wound on players
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Jin’do the Godbreaker – Only spirits of killed warriors are present now
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Zanzil’s Graveyard Gas debuff now gets removed when player leaves the instance
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Bloodlord Mandokir – Added secondary yell when boss goes into frenzy
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Bloodlord Mandokir – Oghan is not properly passive for some time after spawning in/being ressurectred
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Bloodlord Mandokir – Added yell after dismounting from Oghan
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Bloodlord Mandokir – Corrections to Devastating Slam behavior
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Bloodlord Mandokir – Added boss emote to Devastating Slam
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Bloodlord Mandokir – No longer cancels player’s stealth on pull
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Bloodlord Mandokir – Oghan corrected movement speed
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Tiki Lord Mu’Loa – No longer attacks people that he’s not in combat with
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Added completion text to most quests in the instance
Mechanics (3)
#7362 Death Knight – Rune System All mods used in calculation of rune recharge time will be multiplicative now (they were additive previously)
#1385 DoT/HoT Mechanics Gnosis will correctly show ticks for clipped channeled spells
#20258 Player corpse mark is not showing Fixed issue with corpse mark not showing when player died in dungeon
General (16)
#16105 Cast while moving Strafing will now always interrupt casting
Channeled Spells – GCD Interrupt Interrupting channeled spells will no longer visually remove global cooldown
Completed Quests Attempts to accept already completed quests will return correct error message now
#16294 Currency Exchanging Valor to Conquest points, Justice to Honor points, Honor to Justice points exchange won’t be possible if player is already on cap with currency he wants to get
#17175 Flight Master If a player enters an arena/BG/Dungeon, the player will be ported to his previous location instead of restarting the flight path
#14921 Guild mounts Binds on Account faction specific mounts will change to their counter-parts upon mailing them to the opposite faction
#9889 Heirloom Items Heirloom items look can be now changed via Transmogrifier
#9889 Heirloom Items Fixed problem where the heirloom items couldn’t be equipped above level 80
#9889 Heirloom Items Fixed additive stacking of bonus XP from heirloom items instead of multiplicative
#18330 Looting Adjusted behavior to creatures that are skinnable/mineable/etc. which sometimes drops quest items that player couldn’t see because he hadn’t any Q attached to them
#18330 Looting Player will not see sparkle effect on corpse if there is a (quest) item that only another player can see and loot
Packets Minor SMSG_SPELL_START fixes
Packets Only one aura update packet with correct aura duration will be send for diminishing returns
Packets All immune miss types have been correctly implemented
Packets Interrupting enemy spellcasts should no longer sometimes show interrupting unit as Unknown
Scrolls Using a scroll on a target already affected by Battle or Guardian type aura will return an error and won’t override target’s aura
Quests (5)
Classes – Rogue
Rogues are able to continue collecting Elementium Gem Clusters even if they have Cluster Clutch quest completed now (but if you turn-in Cluster Clutch, you will not be able to collect Elementium Gem Clusters anymore)
Eastern Kingdoms – Hillsbrad Foothills
#2629 Quest item fix
Kalimdor – Azshara
#9221 Added reward event and fixed phasing
#2436 Corrections to npc movements and fixes to the final event
#6947 Fixed issue which resulted with non-interactable Orgus
NPCs (3)
Burning Steppes
#17326 Corrections to spawn
#4463 Corrections to NPC phasing
Unknown Location
Corrected gold drop from Lieutenant Shara on 25-man difficulty
Items (6)
#8346 Fixed mailbox option
Added Girdle of the Grotesque to Hagara the Stormbinder’s loot tables
#20200 Added Horrifying Horn Arbalest to Warlord Zon’ozz’s loot tables
#14719 Added visual effect
#15594 Adjusted movement speed and stacking with Sea Legs buff in Vashj’ir
#18512 Adjusted movement speed and stacking with Sea Legs buff in Vashj’ir