New merge information

Dear community,

we bring you further information regarding the merge of Hades and Artemis.

Many of you are especially interested in what will happen with accounts that have a Death Knight on each realm or the sum of their characters on both realms exceeds 10. The Cataclysm game client allows more than 10 characters on one realm and you are able to navigate through them without any issue. The same applies to having multiple Death Knights. If you have more than 10 characters, you will be unable to create another one. If you wish to do so, you will need to delete surplus characters, send them to a different account, or sell them in the Character Auction in the Account Manager, so that their sum on that account won’t exceed nine.

Due to different ID reset times on both of our projects, we had to unify it. We chose Wednesday, which is used for this purpose on retail.

You can expect more details in two days at most.

Hades team