3v3 arena event rewards

We organize weekly tournaments every Sunday from 7 PM to 11 PM server time. No sign up is required. All you have to do is join a 3v3 team and queue into some arenas. The rewards for participating are below. All rewards are additive; you are able to potentially claim all of them. Played arenas are calculated per character, not account nor IP based. Don’t disband teams that you played in, you risk losing your progress!

10 played arenas2000 Honor Points
20 played arenas1500 Honor Points
30 played arenas1000 Honor Points
Most played arenas750 Conquest Points
Most won arenas750 Conquest Points
Top 12 players with most played games250 * (Stars)

Rewards are additive, so for example if you play 45 3v3 arenas, you will get rewards for 10, 20 and 30 played arenas, a total of 4500 Honor Points. If you end up among the players who had either won or played the most arenas, you will be awarded with Conquest Points. You are able to get every reward listed in the upper table. Stars will be awarded only if the total number of games played during the evaluated event is greater than 100.

In game rewards are delivered in account-bound satchels, which you can loot at any time. Keep in mind that those PvP currencies can’t go over your cap and that you are able to send them to your alts, provided they are on the same account with the character who received the rewards.

What exactly can you get for our premium currency (Stars)?
Our premium currency can be used for various things on all of our projects – stars are not bound just to one realm. You can choose from character customizations, like the change of your character’s name, appearance customization or change of the race just from receiving the award for being amongst the most active players during the last event. You can also choose from vanity items, like tabards, shirts, toys, pets or even mounts. We offer 10 various pets that you can get for 250 *, including Blue Murloc Egg, Heavy Murloc Egg, Rocket Chicken and more.

We look forward to seeing you at the next tournament.