How to connect

In order to play on Hades you need to follow these simple steps.

1. Install/Download the game client:

We do strongly recommend using our unmodified client. Most clients from other websites are modified and can lead to serious problems. Download link of our unmodified client follows:

(If you already have a copy of the game with patch 4.3.4 installed, delete your WDB folder, change realmlist and jump to step 2).

set realmlist
#set realmlist
#set realmlist
set patchlist localhost

You can change the realmlist by adding or removing the “#” symbol on the corresponding line with the ,,set realmlist,, text. Changing the login will make your network route to the server different, which might help you to choose the betwork network latency for you needs. You can only have one line without the “#” symbol ( uncommented) and the rest should be commented by the “#” symbol at the beginning on the line. The last line should always be set patchlist localhost ( without any symbols at the beginning of the line).

Your realmlist should look like one of the ones shown on the picture below

2. Create game account:

Create your Game account at Authorize your account by confirming it via your email.

3. Launch the game:

Be sure to launch the game using WoW.exe file (Using 64bit version(WoW64.exe) can lead to unexpected game crashes and is not adviced at all). Log in using your account name, not email address.