Ninja looting

We only deal with Cataclysm raid instances.

The raid leader is expected to state loot rules before killing any bosses, especially should they be different from the basic rules. Other members of the raid should make themselves familiar with loot rules before killing any bosses – ask your raid leader if they didn’t state anything. If for some reason the raid is forced to recruit additional players to finish the raid, they too should be made familiar with the loot rules.

Basic rules set description:

If the raid leader doesn’t state different loot rules, the following rules will be used: In each raid in which loot is distributed using the master loot option, loot will be distributed to a person who rolls the highest via a roll (command /roll or /roll 100, the range must be 1-100) on an item announced in ingame chat by the person distributing the loot.

Only items suitable for the rolling person’s class can be rolled for (for example warriors needing on cloth are disregarded). The loot should be distributed after each boss kill. Only rolls made between that item announcement and another item announcement count as valid. Each player can only roll once on a specified item, any subsequent rolls do not count.

Loot distributors are expected to allow others a reasonable time-frame for rolling. If the master looter gives an item to a wrong person by a mistake, the person who got the loot is guilty of ninja looting, unless he gives the item to its rightful owner. The master looter will be found guilty of ninja looting in this case too, unless he asks the person who got the item not belonging to him to give it to its owner.

Not letting a player roll for loot they are eligible to roll for due to their class/ spec, for example by kicking them out of the raid group, is considered ninja looting.

Requirements on proof concerning ninja looting:

  • A screenshot of loot rules stated by the master looter or players asking for a statement and the master looter not providing them in a reasonable amount of time.
  • A screenshot of rolls on the item in question – item announcement, rolls of all players, who received the item.
  • Evidence of any subsequent discussions between the players in question, should these discussions be a part of the argument for reporting.