General Rules


By playing on the TwinStar server, the players agree to these rules and agree to adhere to them. The administrator reserves himself the right to change the project rules at any time. Players are obliged to observe changes to the rules announced either via the TwinStar Homepage, Project Hades Homepage, or Hades Team and abide by them even if they are not yet listed here. The GameMaster(s) acts upon a direct order from the Head GameMaster and the Assistant Head GameMaster. In the absence of the Head GameMaster, the assistant Head GameMaster can act on his behalf.

It is possible to appeal against the GameMaster’s decision to the Head GameMaster Lyxumia exclusively via private means of communication (PM on the forum, Discord PM). The administrator is the highest authority, his decision is final and there is no countermanding his decision. The Administrator reserves himself the right to banish any player from the server and services connected to the server WITHOUT stating a reason. The language for “in game channels” (world, trade, general etc…), support (forums, tickets), and BugReport is strictly English.

Player Behavior:

A. It is against Hades rules to use vulgarities/obscenities, racism, spam, trolling, offensive language, gibberish, write meaningless or inconsequential messages (ex: Thunderfury/Anal spam) in public channels.

B. It is prohibited to abuse bugs/exploits or use of game mechanics in a way that is not intended. Using mobs in the open world that appear as skull level for the lower level character for powerlevelling purposes is viewed as exploiting (both the low level character(s) and the player(s) helping them are viewed as exploiters). Safe spotting during battlegrounds is not allowed and will be punished if repeat offenses occur. Ignorance of this behavior is not an excuse. However, we do allow safe spotting in world PvP.

C. On Hades it is strictly forbidden to actively control multiple Characters at once using 3rd party software/3rd party mechanics (known as Multiboxing). It is also against the rules to participate in a Battleground with more than 1 character. Alt-tabbing with multiple clients to play (Questing, World PvP, etc…) is not against the rules, while battlegrounds are against the rules. Botting and/or unmanned automation of your character is strictly prohibited and will be banned on the spot.

D. In PvP it is prohibited to win/honor trade, purposely pop battleground queues with the use of characters on both factions. All PvP participants are expected to be actively involved in the battleground. It’s prohibited from purposely preventing your character from going AFK in Battlegrounds, Honor leeching, and not actively participating. Players avoiding being an active participant may be removed from the battleground and may be subject to additional punishment. It is also against the rules to play multiple characters in any battleground. Players who abuse game mechanics in order to harass others are subject to punishment at the staff’s discretion (until a better solution is found). It is strictly forbidden to purposely disconnect during PvP (altf4/force-logging/client-logging/client-closing) and are subject to punishment at the discretion of the staff.

E. It is prohibited from conducting Casino type activities (gambling, lottery, etc…)
Intentionally scamming people is against our rules. Action can be taken according to the severity of the scam by the Game Master handling the issue.

F. Players are forbidden from manipulating the server economy (real money trade/buying gold/selling gold/buying or selling characters, stars for real currency/gold) from sources other than TwinStar’s website. Players are also forbidden to trade Gold/Items/Characters to or from other projects.

G. Modifying the functioning of the client or its communication with the server (hacking), tampering with game files, getting to the other side of doors without actually walking through them, using character corpses in other than the usual way, and other such behavior is strictly prohibited and enforced.

H. Abusing the in-game ticket or complaint system, using a name of a TwinStar team member for naming a character/guild, impersonating a member of the Hades Team, insulting member(s) of the Hades Team or making any derogatory remarks towards its members or their work can be punished at the discretion of the team if deemed inappropriate or unacceptable.

I. Resurrecting players with non-combat spells during combat in an instance is not allowed.

J. Coloring or other text adjustments/modifications in a communication channel, and abusing owner/moderator rights in a communication channel is not permitted.

K. It is forbidden to name in game characters or pets with vulgar, obscene, insulting or mocking expressions. At the same time, it is forbidden to choose names which are the same as or similar to the names or nicknames of anyone in the Hades Team.

L. It is forbidden to advertise other servers with the same or similar focus as TwinStar. It is also forbidden to post links or information about sites which contain direct information about such servers.

M. It is forbidden to repeatedly creating new characters for the purpose of harassing a player that added the previous character of the same player to his/her ignore list.

N. It is forbidden to advertise any form of warez, including materials linking to warez


O. Depending on the nature and severity of the issues, punishments may vary between verbal warnings and mutes up to suspension of account(s)/ characters and bans (short term, long term, permanent, and/or IP). Punishments may also be linked to different TwinStar services up to and including a global block of all TwinStar services.

P. Aside from a ban, it is also possible to impose a “material” punishment (deleting /a piece of/ equipment, gold, items, etc…).

Q. In cases of PvP/Honor abuse, it’s within the discretion of Hades Team members to penalize or remove honor from offending players.

R. Punishments are effective immediately.

Player Expectations:

S. Not knowing the rules is not a viable excuse, and will not be accepted by Hades Team.

T. Players are obligated to report any bugs in the game via the BugTracker. Failing to do so or abusing the bug will be punished based on the discretion of the Hades Team. Bugs can only be reported via the bug tracker, not via in game tickets. Bugs submitted via in game tickets will be deleted without reply and may go unresolved, as a result it will take longer for a fix to be implemented. If you do not know how to report a bug, please go to this page http://www. If a bug exists, please add a comment and provide any new information that may not have been stated. When you create a bug report, please provide us with as much information as possible (thorough description and/or screenshot, video, etc…). The more information we get, the sooner the issue might be resolved.

Examples of what to report via the BugTracker:

  • Bugged quests/cannot be completed, bugged pet abilities or problems which due to their nature are not possible to be resolved in-game
  • Spell, Ability or Item is bugged
  • NPC, GO loot is missing or bugged
  • Global problems (i. e. problems that concern not only you but more or all players)

U. Players are obligated to report actions of another player that are found to be in conflict with the server rules. The report may be directed to any person who is a part of the Hades Team either via the Blacklist section of the Hades forum, in-game ticket or complaint, or via IRC. Failing to do so is considered a gross violation of the server rules, and the player failing to report such behavior could be punished as an accomplice.

V. Our staff is volunteers who take a great time out of their week to help provide you the best quality performance and support that we can provide. Any form of mocking, insulting or otherwise doing anything in contrast to a decision of any member of the server team is strictly prohibited.

W. In game tickets are to be used only for issues that do not require a bug report.

Examples of what the in-game ticket system is to be used for are as follows:

  • Bugged Instance ID
  • Bugged Raid issue
  • Impossibility to complete a quest after a server crash
  • Bugged character statistics
  • Disappearance of an already learned spell
  • Bugged trade skill
  • Character stuck/falling
  • Impossible to mount/dismount, bug concerning a change of form
  • Loot Incident Reports

It is strictly forbidden to use any means of changing or hiding real information about a connected client (anonymous connection and DynIP). It is strictly forbidden to connect to the game server, forum or IRC via anonymous proxy servers (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3), ELITE proxy, web anonymizers, anonymous VPN servers or other services, including any software using these means. The only exception is using BNC (PsyBNC) for connecting to the IRC channels of the server. Any abuse of the variability of dynamic IP addresses for spamming or violating the rules will result in sending the Log(s) of such actions to the ISP to which the DynIP is registered and immediate cessation of these actions will be demanded. In extreme cases, the situation may result in filing an official complaint against the person involved. In a case of using an anonymous connection, it is possible to grant an exception. The appeal for an exception must be sent exclusively via e-mail the project administrator and must contain the name of the account (or a registered nick on IRC), service involved (game, forum, IRC), type of the connection (Ann proxy, Elite, VPN, etc…) and the reason for using an anonymous connection (e. g. A port is blocked on the dormitories, therefore I use a tunnel to an anonymous VPN server via which I play). Upon approval, the user is authorized to use an anonymous connection. Requests have to be sent to the server Administrator only.

Item Restoration – Loot issues

X. Hades team resolves loot issues only from Cataclysm raid instances under certain circumstances. Issues must be submitted via a Discord ticket (to submit you write in the #read_first channel a !submit command followed by the entire text of your problem, you should have a faction assigned to do this) in the following format:

  • Lootmaster’s name:
  • Guilds name (if not a pug and/or who raid ID belongs to):
  • Raid and Boss:
  • Item name:
  • Who has the item:
  • Who should have the item:
  • Date of kill:
  • Boss kill link:

Any tickets not meeting the requirements will be deleted. Loot issues from raids are subject to Loot Incident Quota, this means that only so many items can be refunded per raid group in a set time frame. We do not resolve loot issues from dungeons at this time.

 Ninja looting/blackmailing is strictly prohibited, and if sufficient proof is provided Game Masters can take actions depending on the situation. Please make sure you are aware of the loot rules and have unedited proof. Punishments can be, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Item removal
  • Account-wide mute(7-14 days)
  • Combination of mute / item removal 
  • Repeat offenders will be treated with a progressive discipline system

You can read more about ninja looting here.

Y. Hades Team has limited ability to restore items and/or swap quest rewards. In most cases it may not be possible for our team to restore lost/sold/deleted/missing items and swap quest rewards.

Z. Hades Team does not have the ability to modify/restore gold, mail or Honor. Hades Team is also unable to restore items/objects that are lost due to server crashes/restarts.


  • Rename / transfer of characters can be done in the Account Manager.
  • Request for changing an e-mail address can be done in the Account Manager.
  • While our team tries its best to be available on Discord for important/time-sensitive issues, we cannot guarantee that a member of staff will be available 24/7.
  • Stars are provided as a thank you for donations made to TwinStar in order to help us maintain and upgrade our infrastructure. Stars ARE NOT purchased, and donations are non-refundable.
  • Trading/exchanging characters (including Bind on account items) or accounts via public channels is prohibited (it is allowed only in the “characterauction” channel: /join characterauction).

Last Update: 2nd September, 2018