Starting on the 28th of October 2018, we will offer the option to use the trial account function for anyone interested in trying out the Cataclysm project. This offer is valid up until the 18th of November 2018.

How does it work?
It’s really simple. You need to have an account that only has one character on Hades realm, (and not in any of Twinstar’s other realms) and the character must be under level 10, or level 57 for the Death Knight class. Lastly, it must have a played time that is lower than one hour. After the character creation, you will have the option to use the .trial command. Once you use it, your character will be boosted to level 80, you will get some starting gear including spells, flying, a mount and four 16-slot bags. Your character will be ported to the capital city of its faction. The Hearthstone location will be moved there, too.

If you want to play a Death Knight class, you will have to use the .trial command on another character first, delete it after that, and then create your Death Knight (You don’t need a character that has level 55 or higher to make a Death Knight on the trial account.).

Character auctions and star transfer functions are permanently blocked for those accounts in our Web Account Manager.

Trial characters are unable to trade, participate in the ingame auctions and interact with mailboxes or guild banks until they get to level 85. Once the character reaches level 85, those functions will be enabled for your character.

The Trial account serves as a way to try out our Cataclysm project, and the validity of a trial character is limited to one month from its creation.

Your trial character will not get deleted if you meet at least 3 of these conditions:

  • Level 85,
  • A full clear of Firelands on normal difficulty,
  • 1400 Honorable kills,
  • 100 played arenas,
  • 2800 Achievement points,
  • 3 maxed-out professions.