Faction imbalance update

Dear community,

recently you have been informed about the possibility of free faction transfers from Horde to Alliance. This offer is available for everyone, be it individuals, groups of friends or whole guilds. So far, we have transfered 82 characters from Horde to Alliance. Today, the first guild was transferred to the opposite faction, a guild named Outrage. Some of its members still haven’t logged in to change their faction.

We would like to remind you that the offer to change your faction from Horde to Alliance is still valid, until factions will be balanced once again. If you have characters on Horde and wish to help balance factions on the project you are being a part of, open up an ingame ticket with a request to change your current faction. When a member of the GM team will be available while you are online, it will be taken care of.

Hades Team