Second special TwinStar birthday event

Dear players,

this year is an important milestone for the TwinStar project. The reason we are celebrating is that 2018 marks the TENTH year that we have been providing you with fun across all of our realms!

We have been an important part of the world’s private WoW scene for ten years now and your further interest in our realms shows us that we’re not doing too bad. 🙂

For this special occasion we have decided that some events should be put in place over the year to help you celebrate with us!

These events will certainly be interesting to you as their content will vary, to fit everyone. Another exciting fact about these events it that their content will be repeated in every reoccurrence but with extra bonuses included.

The first event is already behind us, it was focusing only on the leveling experience. We have doubled the experience gain for the duration of the event we have also permanently increased the experience gained from completing Battlegrounds.

Currently we are working on the next one. This event will precede 4.1 content release on our Cataclysm Hades realm and just like last time, it will be active for one week.

Content 4.1 will launch on Hades on 26th April 2018. You will be able to enjoy our second “special Twinstar birthday event” a week prior to the next content release, 19th – 26th April 2018, to be more precise.

What bonuses will you have available this time?
As we have already mentioned, experience gain will be doubled once again. Together with the experience boost, you will also have an opportunity to participate in cross-faction auction, which will be active in each regular faction auction houses in every major city!
This means that Alliance players will have the opportunity to see offers from Horde players and vice versa. We believe that this change will reflect on your trading spirit and it surely will flip the balance of the server’s economy.

And what about the other upcoming birthday events?
Fear not! You will always be notified before they get implemented and you will also be provided with every desired detail (launch date and rewards included).

There is a lot to look forward to… Hades team