Free faction change on Hades and its rules

Dear community,

first we would like to thank you so much for your interest in our first 10th Anniversary event, which takes place until this Wednesday.
Since its own beginning, population increased by more then a third and thats a huge success for all of us and we are very grateful for such interest. It really motivates us to further improve the project.

As we have announced in the previous post, a part of our 10th anniversary event is an offer for a free Horde to Alliance faction migration.

We tried to find out the best way how to do this in such a major scale and we have found out, that the best way to do it (new account manager is not ready yet, so we have to do it without manager at all) is using a special email system.

To be eligible for FREE faction change from Horde to Alliance you have to comply with the following conditions:

  • Your character must be level 85 (lower levels are not supported by our core and never will be, because there are simply too many conditions for a faction change of lower levels)
  • Your character cannot be in any guild

How to opt in for a FREE faction change from Horde to Alliance?

  • Send one email per character from the registered account’s email to our special email
  • Subject will be ,,FREE FACTION CHANGE,, and the only text in the emails body will be the name of your character

We will be collecting all faction change emails until the end of this Friday and we will process them massively (after all checks will be done) until the end of the weekend (probably on Saturday’s evening – 17.3.2018).

All the emails will be processed using our automated scripts, so if you dont follow exactly the instructions mentioned above, there will be no second chance for you.

Have a nice weekend

TwinStar Team