Third special TwinStar birthday event

Dear community,

in very short time Hades will have one of the most important milestones of all of Cataclysm. And since TwinStar is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, you can expect more gifts from us. The party continues!

To celebrate the upcoming release of 4.2 content “Rage of the Firelands“, we have prepared another anniversary event for you. For this third event, previous rewards will reappear along with a brand new one. So what exactly can you expect? Again, you will have the option to level with increased experience rates – all experience up to level 80 will be doubled. Auction Houses will be united for both factions, and all Auction House fees will be removed. Both of these rewards should be nothing new for you. The third, new reward will be an increase on weekly caps of both Valor and Conquest Points. Specifically, what does that mean?

On the current content, you are limited to receiving at most 1250 Valor Points per week. This limit will be increased twofold, to 2500. For the duration of the event, you will be able to gain Valor Point rewards from random heroic dungeons 14 times per week. The same will be applied for Zul’Aman or Zul’Gurub random queues.

The base Conquest Point cap will also be nearly doubled. Instead of a base cap of 1650 points per week you will be able to earn up to 3299 Conquest Points.

This is the perfect opportunity to prepare your characters for the march upon Firelands 😉

When will this event begin and for how long will it be active?
Patch 4.2 will be released on June 28, 2018. Our anniversary event will be introduced two weeks prior and will take place during the 14 days before the release. From June 14 to June 28 you will be able to enjoy our gifts. To sum it up, you can expect increased experience rates, united Auction Houses, and increased Valor and Conquest Point caps.

And after the event ends, the long-awaited patch 4.2 will come!
You can look forward to the new raid instance – Firelands, adjustments to Mount Hyjal with a new area – Molten Front, a new quest chain – Elemental Bonds, the legendary staff – Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest, a new boss in the Baradin Hold instance – Occu’thar, and with him, the new PvP season.

Hades Team