A long time coming

Dear players,

What is the situation on the battlefield, in our case on the developing field (meaning fixes), this is changing every week, often every day. How do we react? What are we changing. What are we working on?

We undertook one of the big essential fixes, which has grieved us for a long time and we internally moved it into the “nightmare“ section. This is the “Flexible Raid Lock“ system.
What is flexible raid locks? Cataclysm brought us one essential change after the transition from WotLK. Raid instances share ID for both 10 and 25 man difficulties. When you complete an instance on 10 man, you can no longer do the same instance on 25 man.
Flexible raid lock makes it work a bit more…flexibly. You can change your parties from 25 man to 10 man and vice versa of course. You can merge parties, take them apart and merge them again. All of that while keeping set rules. This means that you are saved on a “boss by boss” basis in a raid, instead of saved to that specific raid. More freedom, and more flexibility.

We have long considered that preparing this system was near impossible. But we are trying to do even the impossible for you. That is why we (a bit secretly) started to prepare this system. Now we are in the testing phase already, the code is implemented on PTR and tests are run, with a bit of participation from players, to test as many scenarios as possible. Anyone willing to help with the testing can of course do so, there is nothing preventing you from joining the PTR server.


And how is finishing Twilight Highlands location going? We again have the option to get essential data from official servers (an option which we unfortunately didn’t have for a few months) to finish fixes. We are now working on everything left to do in the zone, starting from the currently non-functioning quest Precious Goods (yes it is really true). We will try to release those fixes as soon as possible, so that all achievement collectors can have a complete collection, including Loremaster.

We cannot promise any dates, things are changing rapidly indeed. Believe though, that we really strive to prepare everything for You, our appreciative community, so that the level of Your gaming experience gets a little better again.

Hades team.